Sunday, December 16, 2007

Walking in a Snow Storm

Couldn't see well enough to drive in the blowing snow (not that this stopped the fella or the neighbor up the road from trying), but walking was just fine, with layers.

White and black and grey were the colors today.

Puppy, as usual, was full speed ahead.

Five, maybe six inches of snow slowed me down. Well, that and the long john's jeans, insulated coveralls, down parka and knee high super duper waterproof snowproof 30 below boots.

I took photos of the baby railroad in the snow too. Snowy Railroad.


Rhonda said...

my goodness it looks like you live 3 doors down.
Great pic's!

Fabiola (or Mary or Both) said...

Thanks Rhonda! I believe that you and I get the sameish weather this time of year.

As this is the first snow deep enough to be annoying, I am trying to pretend that I hadn't forgotten that snow actually happens. Sigh, where did I put those brochures for Texas or Florida?