Monday, October 22, 2012

You never know what you are going to find inside an old barn ...

You never know what you are going to find inside and old barn,  Besides the expected, old hay, straw, rustic barn boards, -- at a tear down of a local barn (tragic, but structurally not salvageable) the demolition folk found -- light railroad rail.  The 50# rail was part of the support structure (country folk waste nothing and reuse everything).

As is the way of us conservative country folk, that found rail will live a third life as ....  (click here to go to Mary's Art Blog for more of the story).

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

An Apple A Day - Daily* Painting - Rome Apple

Rome Apple 5 x 7 Original Oil on Canvas Board
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Where you can own this painting at the low low price of $20

Of course, those of you that read my blogs know that I don't paint every day.  I wish that I could, Can't. Work, Farm, House, then Art.  YOU know how it is.  Your world is crazy busy too.  Do what you have to do then do what you want to do.  We were raised that way, it is in our blood.  Midwesterners. Workers.

For the next couple of days, my Painting "Rome Apple" is available on eBay.  After that it will be on my Available Paintings page.  <-- click on the link to see the paintings that I have available now.

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Harvest is On!

Corn started coming off in early September, some of it, some of that silage.  2012 was a terrible dry growing season in the Midwest. The beans (soybeans) that got rain are somewhat better than the corn.  Still, not a bountiful year over all. None the less, harvest is in full swing, here, now.  Combines are in the field and on the road, have a care when you are driving. More still, have some patience, combines don't go but 15 miles per hour or so. Harvest is on, and if the yields will not be spectacular, the work must still be done. At Farm speed.  Thank you for understanding.

In a rare moment of "hey I can do something fast" and at the instigation o +Mona Lisa's Art Akademie  on Google Plus, I started (and fisnished) an oil painting for her exercise "5 Minute Masterpeice". I had a canvas ready, so I took 5 and painted this: 

Because of the time limit, the sketch went right on the prepared canvas, I used 4 colors; van dyke brown,  ultra blue, cad yellow medium and white and mixed the paint right on the canvas.  When the timer went off, the painting was "done".  Look for Moan Lisa's Art Akademie on google+ that gal will make you think in ways that you have not before.

Because I am always and forever fussing and footlytootlying with paintings, it evolved. My five minute vision was of the Iowa fields at the July wheat harvest and the rolly polly roads that run between and around them.  Of course, as I grew up in the town that has John Deere world headquarters, John Deere green and yellow predominate.  They do anyway, the company colors can be no accident. There are times in the year when farm country is mostly John Deere colors.  Because we don't feel the need to have our Ag Equipment match the lawn, our tractors are Ford / New Holland BLUE.  Like the sky.

Round bales of straw dot the Iowa hillsides in July at the wheat harvest.  Click on the photo to go to my "Available Paintings Page"

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Evening Star - Portrait of Amy at 40

I spent a goodly amount of time over this summer working on a painting that just had to happen.  This Spring, I ran across a photo that I had taken of my sister doing her trademark sister Amy hair swoosh. Between the light and the pose and the fact that she was turning 40, well. Evening Star just had to be.

Evening Star
16 x 20 Oil on Canvas

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Frog Lullaby - Summer Night's Song

Right next to the house is a pond.   Tiny as farm ponds go and unusually well tended.  The entire spectrum of wildlife calling the pond home is 9 white amurs to keep the green stuff at bay and bullfrogs.  Lots and lots of bullfrogs.

In the summer evenings the frogs start singing.  Deep short grunting croaks followed by longer vibrating higher pitched hoots. The song goes back and fourth across the pond from one frog to another for hours.  The frog chorus is familiar and somehow comforting and on cool nights I open my windows and the frog song is a lullaby and the frogs sing me to sleep.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Thanks HeckofaGuy for the Liebster Award

Thank you HeckofaGuy for the Liebster Award!

I would say more, but it is 73 degrees in March, and the sun is out and I am -- pouring concrete.  Of course that is the first thing that, wait, no, probably it is just me.  But today, that is what I am doing.

Hugs to you Heck of a Guy!  Now, back to work.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

January is catching up - painting - art - and cooking

Hey there folks!  January finally started acting like January and we have been snowed upon and frozen solid in the last couple of days.  No matter, it is Winter in Ohio.

One of the things that I like to do on snowy, cold days is to catch up on my painting.
  Not really what I had in mind either.  Still it was work that needed to be done, and with 2-1/2 days of hitting it hard, I sanded, primed and painted this old gal. Turned out ok. The pannels and the seat are not back on in the after photo.  Once she is done done (the Fork Lift needs some minor mechanical work too) I will post photos of her restored to her former glory.
As a side note, I had a few hours here and there (mostly while paint was drying and rather than watch that process) I skedaddled up to the studio and worked on a couple of my sculptures.
I call this Garden Art "Bird's Nest".  Mostly, because that is what it is. Modeled after a real Robin's nest it would make a dandy addition to your garden.  Click on one of the photos to go to my web store.  Bird's nest will be available for Spring and will sell for $20.00, plus shipping - drop me an email if you want to get on the reserve list for this new sculpture.
Oh!  And The Fab posted a recipe on the blog - truly it is worth trying. Link below.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Working in a Winter Wonderland ...

Some folk will tell you that in the winter, farm life for the womenfolk is all inside work, knitting and making quilts, and gazing out the window at winter wonderlands.  Who are they fooling?  That description is of a fantasy country life that appears only in the stories of real estate agents who are trying to sell "country living" to city folk, (and houses on wet ground to boot), and on the pages of country living magazines.  Made up fluff, like  Hallmark holidays, we love the thought, we buy the stuff, but it is no more real than my figment of a friend Fantastic Fabiola.

Winter on the farm means equipment maintenance, a lot of that must be done where the equipment is parked, which would be OUTSIDE.  That is what I did yesterday and will again today, so I had my alter ego Fantastic Fabiola post an informational on dressing in layers for work out in the cold.  <-- that link will take you to it.  Now I have to put down my knitting and go to work.